Norfolk Housing Crisis

Norfolk is currently undergoing a housing crisis centered around the neighborhoods of Young’s Terrance, Tidewater Gardens and Calvert Square. Roughly 4,200 individuals, many of them people of color, are being forced to move out to accomodate the city of Norfolks proposed urban renewal project.

However, as of December 1st, the City of Norfolk has settled a lawsuit with the residents of St. Paul. The City has agreed to pay out roughly $200,000 to settle the suit. In addition, the City has legally reaffirmed it’s committment to allow displaced residents to move back into the St. Paul housing development once it is completed. Futhermore, the City has agreed to cover all moving costs associated with the relocation and to reform its housing voucher program to make it more seemless for the residents to move and to cover early lease termination fees for residents who leave their rentals to relocate and when they eventually move back into St. Paul’s development when it is finally finished. Also, as part of the suit, the City has agreed to build additional temporary housing to house displaced residents who are unable to find new rental or permenant housing while the St. Pauls redevelopment is continuing.